an evening with danny kaye*

the show “an evening with danny kaye and the new york philharmonic” that was broadcasted during pazar konseri (sunday concert) tv program by hikmet şimşek is an unforgettable sunday memory for many people. in this show, organized at lincoln center on 23th sep. 1981 for unicef, although he knows nothing about musical notes, danny kaye conducts the philharmonic orchestra (conducted by the famous conductor zubin mehta at the time) as easily, relaxed and fun as a child playing with his toy.

 born into an immigrant jewish family on 18th jan. 1913 with his real name david daniel kaminsky, danny kaye found fame with musical movies. you know, there are people who –just when you look at them- give you the desire to live; there’s something like that with danny kaye, he leaves the same influence on you…

musically, this is extremely a satisfactory show as well as being spectacularly entertaining. an excellent  orchestra and danny kaye comes together to perform a show that you can never ever see something similar to.. you should put everything you know about music, show, humor, talent, etc aside then watch this performance; it will eventually add you something, even if you don’t realize it now,! if you have children, you must encourage them to watch it, so that you’ll be doing them a favor, no doubt!

the only disadvantage about the show is that it’s quite hard to find a recording of it easily; further, a legal copy is impossible to find! if only a copy playable in modern media devices would come out! I would definitely get one at that moment and destroy all these low-quality videos at once.. until then, however, we have to put up with these. If you don’t want to watch it in parts through a browser or don’t want to deal with torrent or e-mule, you can directly email me.

i want to confess; Pazar konseri was one of my three least favorite tv programs about my childhood. we’d just look at the screen with hatred as we couldn’t wait for it to end and the movie to start. i now know that it added me something and was majestic to the kids cleverer and better-behaved than me. kids now seem to have more resources, still they’re unlucky to have such parents to benefit from the resources! yes, me and all my family hated hikmet şimşek, but the tv was still on and there were not any other tv channels! as i said, it had some influence at least..

overture to "die fledermaus" / strauss (zubin mehta, conductor)
"tritsch-tratsch polka" / strauss
overture to "la gazza ladra" / rossini
overture & dance miniatures from "the nutcracker suite" / tchaikovsky
"du, du" excerpt from "die fledermaus" / strauss
triumphal march from "aida" / verdi
"look sharp" march / m. merrick
excerpt from symphony no. 5, last movement / beethoven
"the flight of the bumble bee" / rimsky-korsakov
"dance of the hours" / ponchielli
symphony no. 9 (scherzo excerpt) / schubert
excerpt from symphony no. 8, first movement / beethoven
"fiddle-faddle" / leroy anderson
march from "the nutcracker suite" / tchaikovsky
"carnival of venice" / j. bellak
"stars and stripes forever" / sousa.

danny kaye 1958
an evening with danny kaye - 1965

*an evening with danny kaye - translation: demo

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